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Two exhibitions took place as part of the event with Worthing Museum and Art Gallery exploring early film equipment, and Shoreham’s Marlipins Museum showcasing early filmmaking at Bungalow Town.

Movies and Bungalows

the story of Shoreham Beach

Marlipins Museum, Shoreham
3 May – 2 July

The early twentieth century saw a vibrant influx of new residents and industries to our small south coast seaside town.  Of particular importance were the establishment of ‘Bungalow Town’ and the development of the early film industry on Shoreham beach.

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Marlipins Marlipins shoreham backdrop board1 exhibition exhibition The beach community thrived for many years until the sudden evacuation of residents and the clearing of the buildings at the outbreak of the Second World War. 

The exhibition drew on historic images and associated material held in the museums collections.  Many thanks to the volunteers of Marlipins Museum and curator Emma O’Connor for putting this exhibition together.